FHM Top 100 Party

20 07 2010

Being an employee of Summit Media, I thought it’d be easy to score tickets for this event. I was wrong. I belong to a different division, which has totally nothing to do with any of the Summit magazines. I was told that even employees who directly work for Summit magazines were having a hard time getting tickets. That slims my chance even more. But for some weird luck, I was able to get 2 Non VIP tickets 30 minutes before the show starts. Big props to Joel.

We hurriedly went to World Trade Center in Pasay via MRT, LRT and taxi. We were such in a rush that I just pulled FM into the female only section of the MRT. One girl snobishly said, “Babae lang dito”. I quickly replied, “Eh buntis ako eh!”. She shut up.  Anyway, upon reaching the venue, we realized there was no point in rushing. The show has not started yet and we there was so much time to go around a take pictures of scantily clad women.

It was heaven for FM. hahaha

 The DIVINO girls pleasantly welcomed everyone at the entrance.

With a couple of friends

RRJ Girls 


I really wanted to get tickets to this event because of FM. He’s lucky he didn’t get a jealous woman for a wife. I was totally okay with him checking girls out, as long as it’s with permission. LOL. It was just too bad that we could barely see the girls walking on the runway because we weren’t in the VIP section. Our view was blocked by towering platforms for media photographers. We decided to go out for a couple of minutes to freshen up. We haven’t had dinner yet so we munched on the 20-peso siomai being sold at the lobby. I tried asking for some Vit Water (a sponsor of the event) but they refused. The booth guy told me they can only give it out after the party. We then went to Tamayo’s, hoping to buy a can of soda. To our surprise, it costs Php 120!! Goodness! I guess that was it for us. We decided to just go home and sleep. We didn’t have the energy to wait for the Top 10 girls to come out. This night made us realize that we are OLD. We used to live to party, now, we’d rather sleep and drool while holding our pillows tight.




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