Kuwagos Grill in Madison, Pioneer

31 07 2010

It was the usual Friday night and I was out with F for some drinks. We initially wanted to eat at Yoohoo for some good ol barbeque. The place was packed so we went to the place next door which is Kuwagos Grill. I’ve been here before with a couple of friends so I thought it’d be a good idea to eat there instead. I WAS WRONG!

The place was okay. It was so dark that I couldn’t read the menu without a flashflight.

We ordered:

  • 3 bottles of Manila Beer Light (Php100 for 3 bottles)
  • Pork sisig with rice (Php97)
  • Grilled pusit with rice
  • Bihon guisado (Php120)
  • Nachos (Php145)
  • Kwagos Punch (Php350)

For 2 people, our total bill was Php 812.00. If you noticed, the grilled pusit was not included in our bill. You’re about to find out why.

The food was okay. Actually, FM loved the pusit. I did too, until I almost chewed someone else’s hair! A spoonful of rice was already in my mouth when I realized that they all clung together to this piece of hair which I was about to chew! It was horrible. It was a long strand of straight hair. I immediately called a waiter’s attention. He left and came back to tell me, “Ma’am i-ccancel nalang po yung order nyo. Pasensya na. Hindi po talaga maiiwasan to. Baka nasa bigas po yung buhok.”  The manager didn’t even bother to see me to apologize. What’s worse was the waiter telling me that this cannot be avoided! Are you freaking kidding me? This is definitely avoidable if your cooks observe sanitary food preparation measures like using a hairnet!!! I was already upset but I didn’t want to ruin the night. I just ate the bihon and continued drinking. I was kind of iffy about the punch though because I’m not sure if the drink was made properly considering I had a bad experience with their food.

After finishing the drinks, we asked for the bill and I gave my credit card to use for payment. I was told that their credit card machine is broken. WOW! They could have told me earlier. I’ve been to a restaurant once where I was told that their machine is broken before asking for my order. What if I didn’t have cash?

I noticed another booboo which was a 30-peso Cashier Charge that was included in my bill. Cashier charge? Your cashier’s credit card machine doesn’t even work for cryin out loud! I asked what that was about and it turns out, it is another error. So we paid for our bill without the cashier charge and asked for a receipt. They guy handed me a slip which clearly said on the bottom, “This is not an official receipt”. I pointed it out to the guy and asked the cashier lady to make a receipt.

As you can see, the receipt doesn’t even have an itemized costing. It seems like the establishment doesn’t issue receipts regularly. I asked for the manager or owner’s email address but the none of the crew had the boss’ email add. They gave me their landline number instead.

I am definitely not going back here with my friends.




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3 11 2010

Oh my GOD! I totally agree! The waiters there are BIG LIARS too! My barkada and I used to be regular customers in all of Kuwagos’ Branches. But then one night upon leaving, this cashier claims that we didn’t pay the last bill yet and it was really rude of them because we gave them Php500—> and even let them keep the change. So…my friends and I had a really loooonnnng bad debate with the waiters because we didn’t just want to let it pass and just pay again–OF COURSE! I was really insulted and humiliated that I had to curse each one of them, telling them I can buy all of you!! (although I know it wasn’t a good thing to do and i felt bad after..But we were having a good night and they just made the wrong move…I’m just a human being, i was furious. more so… they made us look like thieves!!!) The only thing that ended it were the performers that night who were also close friends of ours,.. and yes they PAID the bill that was already “PAID FOR”. We were pissed that they paid for us because it wasn’t supposed to work that way and injustice would be hanging on our faces to a great extent…. but then they explained to us that they themselves experienced the same thing and that these waiters were really assholes! That they denied any accusations against them—Deny it to death! PLUS, whats even worse is that the FAT OWNER of Kuwagos Bar ignores such crime. They told us to let it go and be careful next time…It’s really sad because after those many nights of paying good money for that stupid bar we even got banned! And until now I’m so bitter every time I remember what happened, but then again I feel pity for whoever did it… cause that person stole some good earned money and fed it to his/her children. ugh.. makes me barf..Shameful and Terrible.. God Bless them! Oh well… Cheers to their souls, I still hope they get to heaven! Peace.

4 11 2010

that’s too bad the the owner didn’t do anything about it. don’t worry, if they continue doing business like this, they will eventually lose all their customers.

15 11 2010

natakot naman ako dito sa mga comment, may plan pa naman kami mag pa reserve para sa christmas party namin, tapos ngayun eto na…o my gulay!!!!!

9 12 2010

Aww…. buti nabasa ko to 🙂 salamat

25 08 2011

I actually read this a year ago..didn’t bother to comment but I did some actions with regards to the crew… and those “stupid” waiters are long gone…even the headwaiter was terminated…These events were not even reported to management !… Sometimes, these are good criticism for more advancement and awareness and I thank all of you for that. Nice to know who goes and who stays and who you can trust at Kuwagos… really, most of the time, one’s fault is a reflection of the whole company. Sad to know it happened at Kuwagos. Ive been very strict from then on and so far I haven’t heard any complaints with the set of crew I have now… And if ever those events keeps on happening, we wouldn’t be expanding this fast… we’ll soon have one at eastwood by October 2011.
For those costumers affected, our sincere apology from the management of Kuwagos… Better late than never…thought of replying by the way ,coz a friend forwarded this page to me.. (maybe he thought I havent seen this) they are planning to have their reunion at Kuwagos… saw this page…disappointed , discourage and scared… but will still push through with their reservations…
To all of you… Thank you for being part of our growth and improvement.. Hope you’ll come back again and give us a chance to make up to you…

nancy of kuwagos

21 09 2012
Bernadette Remo

Hi Ms. Nancy..may i know where I can reach you for inquiry or reservations? Thanks! 🙂

17 11 2011

branch at resorts world canteen has bland foods, not also issuing receipt.

6 09 2012

did you see any mastercard or visa signs in their entrance? it is not the store’s fault if they didn’t tell you they can’t accept credit cards for the moment. you should have an idea that they don’t accept cards and you should ask first before you order. most establishments like this doesn’t accept cards.

30 09 2012

You need to brush up on your comprehension skills. Sinabi ko na nga na lagi kami dito so I know that they take credit cards. Also, I mentioned na SIRA nga yung credit card machine nila. Ibig sabihin, they accept credit cards. I have been to establishments before na they customers right off the bat na their machine is broken so cash payments only. If you run a business and this is how you think, you will not succeed. You need to anticipate customers needs and be responsible enough to inform them of any changes.

15 09 2012

Every saturday kami nagpupunta dati ng mga officemates ko dito. Ewan ko sa kanila.. Di sila nadadala dati ako naman eh no choice kundi sumama kasi andun na sila paglabas ko ng office… Ang tataray ng mga waiters at waitress. Baha sa CR.. ang tagal ma-serve ng food.. Mali maling bill… More than half ng nasa menu nila eh not available.

Pinakanakakabwisit na naexperience ko, umorder kami ng Mojos sa babae dun sa may bar kasi di kami pinapansin ng mga waiter at waitress. Masyado silang aligaga eh iilan lang naman ang umiinom. So dumerecho ako sa counter/bar then gave my order to the girl wearing Kwago’s Grill’s Uniform… At eto ang sagot sa akin, “Ma’am hindi po ako waitress!” Holy Sh!t.. nahighblood tlga ako.. Kung cashier man sya at hindi waitress sana man lang eh nagpanggap na lang sya na kuhanin yung order namin at ibigay sa kung sino mang waiter o waitress na pwede nyang pagabutan.. And that was the last time na nagpunta kami sa kwago’s. almost one month na kaming hindi nagpupunta dun. nakakadala. kahit mejo malayo ang metrowalk dun na kami nagpupunta para uminom. Hinding hindi na ko babalik dyan.

22 09 2014

Bday celebration ko nung sept 20 dyan sa kuwagos pioneer, dumating ako ng 6pm then nag advance order na ako ng 7pm para 8pm start na kami ng time sa loob kasi may 6 hours na kasama dun sa 8,000 sa food consumable then 600 para dun sa 6 hours stay sa room na good for 30 person. ang akala ko kasi sa 8600 food consumable na lahat yun, so ok lang sige kasi na exprience ko naman yung sa makati branch nila at nag enjoy kami ng mga friends ko dun, kaya pag sinabi na kuwagos masarap ang food. kaya ang lakas ng loob ko na mag invite ng mga friends ko doon.

At ng pumasok na kami dito na nagsimula ang ka badtripan ko.. Ang pancit ok, ang crispy pata ok. nung pag tikim namin ng sinigang na hipon grabe ang itim na ng hipon talagang malalaman mo na lumang luma na.. kaya naman pala nung advance order ako sabi nila hindi na daw available yung sizzling mixed seafoods kasi sira na yung hipon nila.. at ito pa nagpaluto kami ng adobong pusit ayun mali na nga order dahil sabi namin good for 4 ang order namin pagdating ng order meal yung dinala,, kuya naman common sense naman may mga order na kami na rice at halos hindi pa nagagalaw tapos bibigyan mo kami ng meal? at ito pa ang nakaka bwesit pag tikim ng namin grabe lasang buhok at talaga maduduwal mo yung lasa ang sama talaga… so tinawag namin yung waiter sabi namin palitan na lang ng iba yung sinigang na hipon and yung adobong pusit.. pinalitan ng sinigang na baboy yung sinigang na pusit ant yung adobong pusit pinalitan ng fries, alam nyo ba na walang pinag kaiba yung lasa ng sinigang na baboy sa sinigang na hipon? kasi feeling namin, inalis lang nila yung hipon at pinalitan ng baboy pero yung sabaw yun pa din. grabe talaga, pinatotal ko na yung bill ko sabi nila sir nakaka 6k pa lang kayo, kasma na mga alak at sablay nila na pagkain.. sabi ko sa waiter kuya baka naman pwede bayaran ko na lang yung 6k kasi wala na kami ma order na food dahil sa isip isip ko since panay compalint kami natatakot na kami na baka kung ano ilagay nila sa foods namin, yun lang naman ang iniisip ko.. hindi nyo ako masisis dun.. tapos ang sabi ng waiter sorry sir kailanagn nyo i consume yung 8000 kasi yun ang nakalagay sa rules namin.. e d syempre badtrip ako nun, kuya naman pano pa namin maconsume yan i sablay ng mga pagkain nyo at ayaw na din uminum ng mga kasama ko. kung ok sana food nyo e d dapat nag order nalang kami at i take out namin diba??? Kaya ang ending nagbayad pa rin ako ng bill ko at yung na order ko na lang is yung red label na promo nila that day 2 red label ang inuwi ko.. grabe talaga yung naransan ko dun sa kuwagos na yun, napahiya ako sa mga kasama ko dahil bidang bida ko sa kanila yung sa makati branch na ok na ok naman. kaya mula ngayon hindi hindi na ako pupunta sa lahat ng KUWAGOS BRANCH… Sayang lang pera ko….. Mga boss ng kuwagos seguro i train nyo mga cook nyo na pag aralan ang food control… HAYYYYYY…. SAYANG TALAGA 8600 KO.. DAPAT PINAG JOLLIBEE KO NA LANG SILA AT UMINUM SA IBANG LUGAR..

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