The Search for Cheap Laser Hair Removal

11 08 2010

It’s been almost 6 weeks and I haven’t gotten my underarms lasered yet. I’m supposed to have it every month but due to financial constraints, I scouted for cheaper places to get it that’s why it took me a while to find one. I used to get my pits done at Mendez in Megamall. I availed of their 10k for 5 sessions promo. I was fairly satisfied with the service but I wanted to see if I can get IPL at a lower price somewhere else.

Thanks to GirlTalk, I found out about Rapha Health Institute (Greenbelt 5). I was about to get it done at Rapha but they were closed on the day I went. They had an introductory price of PHP 1,000 for the underarms. Apparently, they have very limited operating hours. They’re closed on Sundays and you can’t just walk in on Saturdays because you have to set an appointment. On weekdays, they close at 6 PM. This makes it impossible for me to go there considering it’s in Makati.

 I found another place (thanks to, Hello Salon and Spa in Globe Telecom Tower. There’s this ad for Elite Laser in Sulit and it mentions some of the establishments that use Elite. I wasn’t surprised to find out that Rapha is one of them. Anyway, the price is enticing –PHP 1,000 for underarms. But I hesitated because the attendant who’s supposed to do the IPL doesn’t even know what type of IPL it was. The place didn’t look clean either because it’s actually a hair salon so there was a lot of hair on the floor and the stank of chemicals enveloped the room.  And so the search continues.

I suddenly remembered Skin Station in St. Francis Square that offered IPL for underarms for PHP 1,200. To my dismay, they have increased their prices and it became PHP 2,000. One will be able to get it for a thousand if she will purchase 8 sessions. But I didn’t need 8 sessions!

Finally, God answered my prayer! I received an email telling me that Summit employees can buy Dermclinic GC’s for half the price. I did the math. Dermclinic charges PHP 3,500 per session so if I avail of the GC’s, I’ll only be paying PHP 1,750 per session. That’s even cheaper than what I used to pay for my underarms in Mendez.

You want to know how it went? Find out on my next post =)

IPL Hair Removal Rates for Underarms That I Found (subject to change)

  • Dermclinic – 3,500
  • Mendez  – 5 sessions for 10k
  • House of Obagi – 4,592
  • Shimmian (Greenhills) – 3,500
  • Skin Specialist (Timog) – 3,500
  • Let’s Face It – 3,500
  • Belo – 5,600
  • Derma360 (Rockwell) – 4,650
  • BH6750 – 3,800
  • Dermstrata – 3,500
  • Godiva – 3,000
  • Clarity (Shang) – 3,850
  • Forever Flawless – 3,700
  • Skin Station (St. Francis) – 2,000
  • Rapha Health – 1,000
  • Elite (Mindanao Ave) – 1,200
  • Enhance (Trinoma) – 1,300
  • Skin Care Solutions (Fort) – 2,500

 For my experience at Clara International, click here




20 responses

14 09 2010

hi. i got mine done at enhance trinoma..i was very disappointed with the result after 8 session and p9,000 later. hair still grows in my underarms although some are thinner but there’s still just about the same amount of hair as when i started. it tried to talk to somebody about my concern but they kept on telling me maybe on the next session it will thin down/fall off. after my 8th session last aug4 the attendant told me i should probably get 4 more sessions to complete i really nedd that mush session? imean i already had 8 and i nothing happened..i feel i’ve been cheated..

4 11 2010

it really depends on the coarseness of the hair. i think it would have helped if you came back for a retouch (for free) when you thought that the session was not effective. I did that in Mendez and they gladly did my pits again, no questions asked. when I went to Dermclinic naman, the first session was not that effective kase after nun, marami pang tumubo na hair. But for the second one, I had a different derma and I told her to increase the intensity of the laser. She also advised me not to shave at all after the session. True enough, halos wala na akong hair ngayon. So far, I’ve had 7 sessions na.

26 09 2010

An even more important aspect of hair removal is permanency, otherwise the cheap becomes the most expencive in the long run. I would, no doubt choose the higher price, better then repeatative hair removal sessions.

4 11 2010

I totally agree! But it would be great to find something cheap and effective!

29 10 2014
Ĺexie Čarel Ďomingo

can u give an specific branch and name na may cheap and effective.?

30 10 2014

I do not live in the Philippines anymore so I’m not sure if Shinagawa prices are the same. I highly recommend them. Prices are reasonable, service is superb and laser is effective!

1 10 2010
laser hair removal methods

thank you too much, nice article.

4 11 2010

thanks! watch out for my next session with a different clinic =)

10 11 2010
Laser Hair Removal at Clara International « Buhay Ni Nanay

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28 11 2010

nice one, I just had my pits done at Clara International yesterday. Hoping for best results. Availed of the Cashcash promo too!

29 12 2010

let me know how yours turned out. mine didn’t work so well.

5 01 2011
Laser Hair Removal @ Enhancements « I'm Lilo…where's my Stitch?

[…] read from Buhay ni Nanay‘s post that other clinics offer the underarm IPL at a cheaper price but the service and results are […]

18 01 2011

Hi! My derma, dr. sixta foronda, offers unlimited IPL LHR at 20k pesos. Lifetime na yun. Hanggang may tumutubo pa, pwede mo i-avail. Btw, unlimited clicks / shots din ang ginagawa niya.

I also had IPL treatments before at Elite Mindanao Avenue. Didn’t do anything for me.

5 02 2011

hi, may i know san yung clinic ng derma mo? 🙂

19 06 2011

san ung unlimited offer na sinasabi mo heizel?tnx

4 06 2013

how about for upper lip and beard for men?

6 06 2013

Hi Jam,

I strongly recommend contacting Shinagawa. They’ve been my favorite so far. Below are the details:

Mezzanine, Tower 2, The Enterprise Center,6766 Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati City,

7 06 2013

oh i see but what is the range of the price per session? cause my husband is really having cut and burnt everytime he’s shaving 😦 is it budget friendly?

17 06 2013
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3 07 2014

Have you tried IPL on Mendez? I found out there’s a promo right now on Ensogo and wondering if it’s worth it. I found a review before that her underarm got burned in Mendez when she went through the IPL procedure so that mad em cautious. Just want to get more reviews and thoughts on this whether it’s really worth the promo and it’s just an isolated case or Mendez is really not a good clinic. Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

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