Cagayan de Oro – Bukidnon Trip 2010

19 08 2010

Luckily, I scored two 900-peso roundtrip tickets to CDO for August 14 to August 16, 2010. Hubby and I promised  to go out of town (on a plane) at least once every year for our yearly couple vacay. I decided on where to go since I’m the one who pretty much plans everything and is patient enough to check airline websites once in a while for discounts. 

This 2010, our mission is to go white water rafting! Planning this trip was hard considering there’s only two of us going. All the tour/adventure packages available were for at least a group of 6. 

Manila to CDO

Our AirPhilippines flight was supposed to leave for CDO at 8:25 but we were almost half an hour delayed because of the cargo. It didn’t matter much because we got to CDO on our expected arrival time which is 9:40. Actually, we landed 3 minutes early =) I had our itinirary planned out so even a 30-minute change in schedule might mean us missing the zipline in Dahilayan. 

Right when we got out of the arrival area, cab drivers flocked us. I asked how much, to Willshire Inn, they all said 350! I was like, “Are you effing kidding me?”. I haggled for about 5 minutes until someone gave in to a 150-peso rate. It sucks how these predators are trying to suck as much money as they could from tourists like us who bring in income to their province. I was given a complaint form but I didn’t want to dwell on it. I wanted to just focus on the good things and have fun! No bad vibes! 

CDO to Dahilayan

We finally got to Willshire Inn and were very disappointed with how unfriendly the staff was. Our room wasn’t as clean as I expected. 



Willshire lobby with the peeling wallpaper

The floor was not well swept. There was piece of rambutan and cotton buds on the floor. There was also a piece of trash on the table when we got there. The bathroom is so small that you shower over the toilet bowl. The towel rack was also too high that we had to hang our towels on the doorknob. I also didn’t like it that there was only a stool to sit on besides the bed. The wallpapers were peeling off. Paying 595.00 for a Willshire standard room wasn’t worth it. We decided to stay there just for a night since we’ll be out the whole day anyway. We were in such a hurry to go to Dahilayan so from the airport, we just dropped our bags in the room and left imemdiately. As planned, we left for Dahilayan at 11:00. 

From Willshire, we rode the cab going to Eastbound terminal. From there, we rode a van directly going to Camp Phillips. Fare is 50 per person. The ride lasted for an hour. We arrived at Camp Phillips at 12:15 and haggled with a Habal-Habal man to take us to Dahilayan. We agreed to pay 350 for 2 persons, roundtrip. 




The motorcycle ride took about 45 minutes and we arrived at ZipZone at exactly 13:00. The ride itself was an adventure. Going up and down the mountain was fun, especially when you’re breathing fresh air and surrounded by beautiful scenery. 


While on the 320 meter Zipline

We paid Php 600 each for all the rides (150m,320m and 840m). They charge Php10  for a locker. 

Walk from the 150-meter zipline back to the lobby

Wallclimbing Area

We conquered Asia's Longest Dual Zipline!

After that thrilling experience,  we were so famished! We had a couple of snacks in Dahilayan before setting out to Del Monte Clubhouse for their reputable steaks! On the way to the clubhouse, it rained very hard but only for a couple of minutes. We had to stop over at a local’s house for some shade. The Habal-habal guy was also nice enough to offer to bring us to the clubhouse. I thought it was walking distance from Camp Phillips, but it wasn’t. The drive from ZipZone to Del Monte Clubhouse was around 45 minutes. This time, the guy drove faster because we didn’t want to get caught in the rain.

On the way to Del Monte Clubhouse

At last! Lunch time!!!

Large Sirloin Steak

The steak surpassed our expectation! They had huge servings for a price of Php470! And that already comes with soup and salad.  We can tell that it wasn’t grilled, rather pan fried but we didn’t mind. FM almost didn’t finish his steak. Trust me, my husband CAN eat! 

After that sumptuos meal, we decided to head back to CDO and call it a day. From the clubhouse, we rode a multicab (Php6 each) to the highway and from there, we waited for a bus going back to CDO (Php50 each). We got off at the bus stop in Lapasan then took a cab from there to Willshire (Php60). 


Breakdown of expenses: 

Airport to Willshire taxi (I tipped 20 because he was nice)  170.00
Standard room at Willshire  595.00
Willshire to Eastbound terminal taxi  65.00
Bottle of water  15.00
Van to Camp Phillips (50 each)  100.00
Habal habal to and fro Dahilayan (I tipped 50)  400.00
Zipline fees (600 each)  1,200.00
Picture with certificate  100.00
Steamed corn, cheeseburger and water  135.00
Steaks, iced tea and extra soup (Tipped 20)  1,091.80
Multicab to highway (6 each)  12.00
Bus to CDO (50 each)  100.00
Bus stop to Willshire taxi 60.00
 TOTAL  4,043.80


…to be continued (Divisoria Night Market) 




9 responses

31 08 2010

hi there, this is very much informative….especially with the cost included.
‘just wanna ask if commuting to and from Dahilayan is easy…is the terminal easy to find?are the rides readily available or you have to wait for a long time?
thank you in advance for the help …..

31 08 2010

hi mikhaella, thanks for dropping by. yes, it’s very easy. when you get to EastBound terminal, just look for the van going to Camp Philipps. The van gets filled up easily so theres no long wait. When you get off at Camp Philipps, you’ll immediately see Habal-habals waiting for passengers. Hope that helps!

25 10 2010

thanks to you…very informative….i enjoyed my cdo-bukidnon adventure because of your site…..i wish i could also make one like this….

may i ask or better yet request how to make blogs like this?…hehehe!

4 11 2010

thanks for visiting my site! just create an account with wordpress then post away! hehe

10 11 2010

Hi, I’m going to Dahilayan and we’re a group of 3. I was looking for alternative transpo because the van rentals are so expensive and then I saw your blog. Just wondering, would 3 passengers fit in the habal-habal? How many hours did you spend inside Dahilayan?

29 12 2010

Hi Vale, i’m sorry if my reply is too late but I’ll answer it anyway. The habal-habal can fit 3 people at most and that includes the driver. I suggest you just rent a multi-cab or 2 habal-habals. We spent less than 2 hours in ZipZone because there wasn’t a long queue for the ziplines. I think it’s best to go there around lunchtime when most are done with the rides.

7 01 2011

Hey Ara!

Thanks for dropping by my blog. That steak looks delicious! I love cooking steak! Your blog is making me nostalgic for the Philippines! 😦

If only I knew how to follow your blog, I would.

29 07 2012

hi, just wanted to ask. The bus going back to CDO…did the ride back took very long? estimated of how many minutes./hours?

29 07 2012

Hi Dhen,

The ride took about an hour and 15 mins. Hope this helps!

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