Divisoria Night Market

23 08 2010

August 14, 2010

After resting for a bit, we headed out to Divisoria to eat. We were still full from the lare lunch we had at Del Monte clubhouse but we didn’t want to stay in the room so we opted to walk around and see what Divisoria is about. It was also the best time for us to look for another place to stay. Call me maarte but I really don’t want to spend another night in Willshire.


CDO is an ukay-ukay haven! Most of the stalls in the night market sells used clothes. Cost ranges from Php15 to Php150. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture because I was too busy dodging people and looking around. I actually forgot to bring another pair of shorts so I HAD to buy clothes for the next 2 days.

Dress shirts for hubby and dress for me

I found 2 nice dress shirts for FM, each costing Php50. I can say that we got a pretty good deal considering the shirts look fairly new and they’re branded. The black one is by RAOUL and the other one is from Alain Delon. If you missed the Night Market, don’t worry, you’ll find a lot ukay-ukay stores downtown, especially near Cogon market.

If you like MANGO, you’ll also find their outlet store in LimKetKai center. It’s still pricey but cheaper that on-sale MANGO items in Manila. I bought a sheer sleeved black button-down top for Php495.


There was sooo much stalls to choose from but the food they serve were pretty much the same. Because we were so tired from walking around, F and I got the first table we saw and ordered food from whoever had seats. We ended up at Poldo’s!

Inihaw na Pusit, Pork Liempo, Rice, Sabaw and a pitcher of Red Horse

The whole meal costs Php519, including a bottle of water and Mango Sago for dessert. I think we only ate half of the food so we gave the rest away to this kid. It’s sad, I thought there won’t be as much beggars in CDO as there are in Manila.

After dinner, we walked around some more then went back to Willshire. We’re gonna have a long day ahead of us. Wake up time will be 7:00. Meeting time with the rafting guide is at 7:30 so we needed to rest.

…to be continued (White Water Rafting in CDO)




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