White Water Rafting in CDO

27 08 2010

August 15, 2010

Bernie, our contact person for Great White Water Tours, waited for us at CoffeeWorx. Call time was 7:30 but we didn’t know where it was so we spent a couple minutes asking around. We were so scared of getting left behind, especially when we saw a van full of people about to leave. Turns out it was just a big family leaving a resto next-door.

Actually, when we got to CDO, we had no reservation for white water rafting. We just saw GWWT’s number in ZipZone. Apparently, GWWT is owned by the same company as ZipZone.

We tried going with Kagay but they were not at all accomodating through text. They’d only give us one-liner replies. As for 1st Rafting Adventure, they did not follow up as they promised so we went with someone who promptly replied to our queries. We called GWWT Saturday late afternoon and reserved 2 slots for the next day. It’s that quick!!

Anyway, we were surprised to find out that we’re actually the only one they need to pick up from the city. The group we’re joining lives near GWWT’s office. The jeep was soooo empty!

Our Empty Jeep

The Office

There was a short briefing before going to the river. F and I were so hungry so we asked if we can already eat the snacks they prepared for us. The whole package costs Php1,200.00 per person. This includes the transpo from the city to the river and back, snacks and lunch. As for the video and pictures, we paid nothing. They have 2 guys who goes with the group to take pictures. You just have to give them your cameras and they do the rest.

Another thing that was emphasized during the briefing is that they’re the only rafting operator that does not require guests to sign a waiver. They are that confident that they will not have any major casualties. They say that their guides grew up along the river, they know the ins and outs of the river so we have nothing to worry about. Still, we need to take necessary precautions.

The camera guys


F and I with 2 guides



Before the whole thing, we were asked if we wanted to go Mild or Wild. Of course we chose WILD! But the other group had an old guy so they had to go mild. Half way through, one of the guys from the other group requested to join our raft to experience WILD!


F and our super funny guy, Loloy

One of the reasons we had a blast was our funny guides! They cracked jokes whenever they can and tried to make us fall off the rafts by fooling us into doing a high-five.

After the 3 hour activity, it was finally time for lunch. Bernie said it’s eat-all-you-can. We were really praying that there’s enough food for everyone. Like I mentioned before, my husband eats like a maniac! Thankfully, we were not let down. Upon arriving at the office, we hurried upstairs to eat. They served us kilawin, guso (seaweed) salad, chicken BBQ and pork BBQ with bottomless drinks of course. F and I each had 3 sticks of chicken BBQ. And mind you, a stick holds a thigh and a leg! I’d say their chicken is as big as a Mang Inasal serving. We even had leftovers because there was really a lof of the BBQ.


After lunch, all we wanted to do was sleep. GWWT had an afternoon group at that time so the jeep had to leave us behind to pick up the other group. Of course, they won’t leave us hanging. They hailed a cab for us and paid for the fare.

…to be continued (Downtown CDO)




4 responses

8 09 2010

thanks for the detailed info! very useful 🙂

4 11 2010

you’re welcome! glad i could help!

3 02 2011

1,200 per head din ba kahit dalawa lang kayo sa
raft? Our flight to CDO is this coming saturday na
and we can’t still decide between kagay,
1st rafting or great white water.

3 02 2011

yes, it’s 1,200 pa rin. it was the same price kase may kasama naman kaming group sa trip.

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