Downtown CDO

31 08 2010

Upon arriving in Willshire, we immediately packed our bags and moved to another hotel just across Willshire which is, Maxandrea. 

Maxandrea Entrance


Our Room


We initially got a room with 2 single beds. Of course, hubby and I both wanted to share the same bed so we asked to be transferred. We got this single bed which is slightly bigger than the other single beds. There wasn’t much room so when I slept, I barely moved. Thus, the stiff neck the next morning. I still didn’t mind. 

We paid Php1,600.00 ++ for this room inclusive of  breakfast. This is a thousand pesos more expensive the the previous hotel but it was well worth it. The bathroom is so spacious, it had a toilet seat, the water pressure is good and the room was clean. I really felt comfortable walking around barefoot. It was already late afternoon when we finished cleaning up -almost dinner time. We decided to eat in Cafe Laguna. We saw this earlier that day and we were intrugued by it’s Spanish-looking motif. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like a fine dining restaurant. But since we’re on vacation, might as well eat wherever we please. And so we did. 


(Sorry for the horrible picture. I don’t have an SLR) 

Buttered Chicken

Sinigang na Corned Beef

Surprisingly, the prices are pretty reasonable, comparable to Gerry’s or Dencio’s. The sinigang was yummy, perfectly matched with super crispy chicken. They have hefty servings so as usual, we didn’t finish all of our food. We didn’t even have room for dessert. To help easen the digestion, I opted for tea instead. We went to CoffeeWorx which is just across the resto. 

The tea is okay. I don’t think it’s worth my P70 pesos though. They didn’t serve it with honey and it looked just like an ordinary tea. I was hoping the tea wouold come in a silk tea bag with whole dried flower or fruits in it. The ambiance is great. It was breezy outside and they have 2 long couches where guests can just relax. 



The rain started pouring so we decided to call it a day. We went to bed full and happy =) 

August 16, 2010 

This is our last day in CDO. We had no plans so except to buy Pastels for pasalubong. We rode their tri-cad going there. 


 A box of 12 costs Php115.00 and the half dozen costs Php58.00. After dropping by Vjandep, we walked around looking for other pasalubongs. I found this street near the market where a lot of ukay-ukay stores are. 

Ukay-ukay Store

We walked around some more hoping to see durian and mangosteen so I can bring some home. The fruits there are so cheap. Durian costs Php30/kilo. Unfortunately, I didn’t find any and ended up back in the hotel. I didn’t realize how near the hotel is from everything. 

There was nothing else to do but chill. Around13:00, we checked out and headed to SM CDO to grab some food for lunch. Nothing special in the mall really. We wanted to have a last taste of CDO before going back to reality so we decided to eat at Bigby’s! 



 Lunch was our final activity in CDO. It was a very short 3 day-vacation and there was only one thing we failed to go to…Camiguin. I know I’ll go there someday, maybe in 2011. 

As for the breakdownof expenses, I shall post it here as soon as I can but from my rough estimate, each of us spent Php6,000+ including airfare. I say that’s a pretty good deal. 




2 responses

27 12 2010

Thanks for info I make sure I not order so much food, and buy a few rools for the kids Thanks.. I guess it changed alot from when I been to CDO, I go in Feb. from Aussie… Thanks for Info.,..

29 12 2010

You’re welcome Eve. I’ve been it was my second time visiting CDO as well and it did change a lot from the last time I was there. The city’s really booming.

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