Going Brazilian

4 11 2010

In preparation for my Davao trip, I went to Lay Bare in Mega last Monday to get a Brazilian.

No, not a man, but have my pusspuss waxed completely. LOL. This isn’t my first time to have it done down there but I don’t do it regularly. I used to do it myself or my hubby. I tried doing it again last August right before my CDO-Bukidnon trip but it was too painful for me. I ended up just getting a bikini wax. However, this time it wasn’t as painful. I guess it depends on the attendant too. I had Ana do me this time and she was great!! Yes it hurt but not like before. I was actually able to finish the session. I had to take a few breaks though. Ana was really nice, we made chit chat so it kinda made my attention divert from the pain. I was hoping I could score a free eyebrow threading (when you get a Brazilian) byt texting 7days laybare to 2948 but I got nothing. I ended up paying for it. (Check out the poster on the wall. Sorry for the horrible picture. )

Anyway, I was really satisfied with Ana’s work. She didn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all. I expected more from the threading. I wanted a new arch but Ana said my eyebrows are already high and all she can do is clean it up. I intend to go back right before hubby returns to the Philippines for Christmas!! =)




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