Laser Hair Removal at Clara International

10 11 2010

I bought a coupon for laser hair removal at Clara International last week and decided to use it yesterday. I headed to Greenhills during lunch break hoping I could squeeze it in my tight schedule. I spent most of the time traveling than staying in that clinic. It wasn’t hard finding the clinic since it’s located along Connecticut St. right -same building as Conti’s.

I was greeted by the staff doing their Christmas decors. The place has a nice ambiance…it made me feel like I was in a spa.

I was asked to sign a waiver and fill out a form. After that, I was led to the treatment room where the procedure will be done. She asked me to bring my own shaver because they charge Php100.00 for one.

Much to my dismay, Clara uses Elite Laser. Mostly all the clinics that offer IPL for Php1,000.00 uses this machine. There’s actually one closer to my office but I didn’t go there because I feel like using this portable laser isn’t as effective as the bulkier ones like I’ve seen in Dermclinic and Mendez.

 I should have expected this since the procedure costs Php600.00 only. I went ahead with it anyway and got my pits done. It wasn’t a doctor who administered it that’s why when I asked of she can increase the frequency, she said she couldn’t because they really use intensity 2 first to see how the patient’s skin will react to it. I was afraid that it wouldn’t work because I have coarse hair and my previous doctors always used higher frequency on me. So I asked if I can come back for a retouch in case the session turns out to be ineffective and she said I’d have to pay again, that’s why they want clients to buy a whole program and not just one session. In my head I was like, “WTF? A whole program? I already had 7 sessions with other clinics (which I informed her of, btw) and you want me to buy more when I don’t need to? I already gave your clinic business and you want more?” I was dismayed. It seemed like they didn’t care about my history at all.

My experience here was totally different from other clinics. No ice packs, no creams and no shaver. I guess you really get your money’s worth. Well, I’ll find out in a couple of days and I’m still optimistic about it.


Dec. 09, 2010

I am very much disappointed with Clara’s service. After 3 weeks, still, not a single strand of hair shed! I spoke to the manager and all they can offer me is NOTHING! They said it’s SOP to use frequency 2 on the first visit (despite telling them my history) and they said I can just avail of the package for 3 sessions. Me going back there? NO WAY!!  I guess this time, I really got what I paid for.


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10 11 2010
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9 12 2010

Wow, surprised they used a portable! and that they wanted you to pay for additional sessions –everyone knows it takes several sessions to get all the hair follicles.

I bought a coupon too for $130 (American) for 6 sessions and just had my first one yesterday OUCH!

11 02 2011

Hi, found your blog as I was looking for Clara International GH number to set an appointment.

I, on the other hand, have had a good experience with Clara International. Bought 8 CashCashPinoy vouchers. I’ve had 5 sessions so far and am very happy with the results. The hairs did not shed, but they are growing less and the hairs are thinner. And seriously, ang gross talaga ng underam hair ko before.

I can’t compare this to other clinics since I haven’t been to any other. But so far, this is my experience with them.

4 06 2011
vivien tiu

clara international is great! their staff are very friendly and definitely a winner when it comes to laser hair removal, it’s all worth it.

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