Discovering Davao – Day 1

10 01 2011

I’ve been wanting to visit this place for a while now and with the recent happenings in my life, I decided to give myself a little vacay. Destination: DAVAO! I booked tickets for 3: for myself, Krissy and Leo. Unfortunately, Leo couldn’t come because he chose to go to Hawaii instead. So it was just me and Krissy. Thank God I invited her. We were able to save up on accommodation because our dear friend, Lab (whom I met through Krissy) welcomed us to her home. She was pretty much our tour guide although we didn’t do much of the touristy activities. Instead, she showed me how they spend their typical vacation weekend. You see, Lab grew up in Davao but is now based in Manila for her studies.

Day 1 : Nov. 6, 2010

We were greeted by a rainbow in Davao. This is a good sign considering it rained cats and dogs that morning, according to Lab.

This is me and Krissy at the airport

From the airport, we headed right away to Talikod Island. I kept on asking Lab what the island’s name really is because I thought she was kidding. Talikod is behind the famous Samal island where you will find a lot of resorts like Paradise. We rented a boat, a slightly bigger boat, bigger than the ones we see in Caticlan going to Boracay. This boat has a capacity of up to 60 passengers. We rented it for Php5,500.00 Pretty pricey considering it only costs Php100.00 to rent a whole boat going to Samal Island. It’s understandable considering it took us almost 2 hours to get to Talikod Island and we had the boat to ourselves the whole day.

We had 3 stops altogether. The first one was for snorkeling.

They guys also went fishing. Above is a picture of me holding a starfish. I’ve been a beach person my whole life but this is the first time that I held a real, live one!

they caught a red eyed fish!!

The second stop was for eating! Good thing Kuya was around to cook our food. We were pretty much señoritas that day. All we did was eat, drink and sleep!


The third stop was for more snorkeling and drinking and swimming and fishing!

When we got home, it was nighttime. Lab and Krissy slept for a bit, while I was wide awake! We had dinner at Toriano’s and ate native chicken inasal. It was good but the serving wasn’t enough. With all the swimming and snorkeling, I was famished!

Inasal and Kilawin! Yum!

For some drinks, we went to Some Place Else. Yes, it’s called “Some Place Else”. Drinks were not pricey at all. According to Lab this is where people drink before heading to the clubs.

They stop serving alcohol at 1 AM so we had to call it a night. I got a bit tipsy because I had to finish Krissy’s drink as well as Lab’s. I still remember buying McDo Twister Fries via drive-thru and after that, everything was a blur!




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