About Nanay


As much as I’d want this blog to be about a young and single Filipina’s exploits in life while rummaging through the corporate jungle of Manila and enjoying the hip and happening night life, it cannot be. I am past that stage and have come to terms that I am a young mother to Matt and wife to FM. Just like everyone else, I’m trying to have a decent life, making ends meet, living off paycheck to paycheck with a 9-5 job in Mandaluyong.

I am your typical middle class, Gen Y nanay. Here, I will share my day to day adventures. For a mom, each day can be  a routine, but to me, everyday is definitely a different day.



2 responses

17 12 2010

HI! I really enjoyed reading your blog, very informative. I also read your CDO tour. I’m planning to go there with my friends next year. Any suggestions on getting budget management? 😀 We would really like to try the zipline and water rafting there. Thanks!

29 12 2010

Well, set a budget and try your best not to go over it. Hehe. It would save you a lot of cash if you guys will go in a big group, at least 6. This way, it won’t be hard to look for tour/adventure packages. Also, you get to split transpo expenses among more people. Hope you’ll have a great time in CDO!

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